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  Canada: Alberta
  Canada: British Columbia
  Canada: Manitoba
  Canada: New Brunswick
  Canada: Newfoundland and Labrador
  Canada: Northwest Territories
  Canada: Nova Scotia
  Canada: Nunavut
  Canada: Ontario
  Canada: Prince Edward Island
  Canada: Quebec
  Canada: Saskatchewan
  Canada: Yukon

 Governmental Broadcasting Agencies
   CRTC - The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission

 Media Ratings, Marketing Data and Research Information
   BBM - Bureau of Measurement
A broadcast research company with 3 divisions which produce ratings information about TV, radio and interactive media audiences.
   Nielsen Media Research
A provider of television information services in the United States and Canada.
Provider of media rates and data for the advertising industry.


 National Radio Networks
   CBC Music
   CBC Radio One
CBC Radio, Canada's National Public Radio service provides rich content on the web, with news, sports, information, interviews, comedy and culture, all available online and in RealAudio.
   Ici Musique
   Ici Radio-Canada Première

 Radio Broadcasting Parent Companies
   Haliburton Broadcasting Group
   Inuit and Cree Radio & TV Community Broadcasters
   NCI - Native Communications Incorporated
Aboriginal radio network in Manitoba.
   Newcap Broadcasting
   Rogers Broadcasting Limited

 Local Radio Stations
  Canada: Local Radio Station Listings

 Radio Broadcasting Organizations
   ACA - Association of Canadian Advertisers
   ACTRA - Association of Canadian Television and Radio Actors
   CARF - Canadian Advertising Research Foundation
   CAB - Canadian Association of Broadcasters
   CMA - Canadian Marketing Association
   NCRA - National Campus and Community Radio Association

 Additional Radio Resources
   Broadcaster Magazine
Covering the communications industry in Canada.
   CBSC - Canadian Broadcast Standards Council
The body is a creation of the private broadcasters and plays an intermediate role in the regulatory process between CTRC and CAB.
   Manitoba TV and Radio Stations
   Media Awareness Network: Radio
   Northwest Broadcasters
AM, FM, TV and Digital Broadcasters of Northwest Washington, USA and Southwest British Columbia, Canada.
   RadioWest Message Boards
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