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 Governmental Broadcasting Agencies
   MPT's Broadcast Bureau
Oversees radio and television broadcasting in Japan.
   The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications


 National Radio Networks
   NHK FM Network
FM Service
   NHK Radio One
General Program
   NHK Radio Two
Educational Program
   TBS Radio
   Tokyo FM

 Radio Stations on the Web
  Japan: Listing of Radio Stations On The Web

 Shortwave Broadcasters
   Radio Japan - First Service
In English and Japanese, broadcasting to Asia
   Radio Japan - Second Service
In 20 languages, broadcasting throughout Asia.
   Radio Tampa
Nihon Shortwave Broadcasting Co.

 Radio Broadcasting Services
Digital radio available on BS 3B satellite.
CS Digital Radio Station via satellite
   Sky PerfectRadio
Digital radio available through PerfecTV
   Star Digio Radio Channels

 Radio Broadcasting Organizations
   National Association of Commercial Broadcasters of Japan

 Additional Radio Resources
   Partial Guide to Broadcastings in Japan
  Home >> Asia >> Japan
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