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 National Radio Networks
   Channel 103 (Makedonska Radiotelevizija)
Government operated, youth programming and alternative music.
   Radio 2 (Makedonska Radiotelevizija)
Government operated, entertainment, recreation, culture, and arts programming.
   Radio Biljana (Makedonska Radiotelevizija)
Government operatedm news and information. Mostly in Macedonian, some Albania, Bulgarian and Greek programming.
   Radio for Nationalities (Makedonska Radiotelevizija)
Government operated, programming in Albanian, Turkish, Romany, Vlach, Bulgarian, Serbian and Greek.
   Radio Kultura 3 (Makedonska Radiotelevizija)
Government operated, culture and arts programming.
   Radio Skopje 1 (Makedonska Radiotelevizija)
Government operated, the national radio service, broadcasting news and information.

 Radio Stations on the Web
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 Radio Broadcasting Organizations
   Associate of Private Television Stations of Macedonia

 Additional Radio Resources
   Macedonia Search: Radio Links
  Home >> Europe >> Macedonia
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