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Rock and Alternative music formats

Modern rock
Also known as new rock or alternative rock, this format is mainstream alternative rock music. There is a high concentration on cutting edge and current hits and music on the past 6 to 12 months.
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Active Rock
Stations with this genre concentrate their music on popular rock songs of today and a variety of popular rock and classic rock songs of the past two decades.
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Adult alternative
Also known as AAA, this genre offers a hybrid of modern rock, progressive, alternative and classic rock music aimed at an older target audience that both modern rock and active rock.
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A format that grew up in the 1980's on college radio stations, alternative music can still be found on non-commercial and college or student run radio stations. Music is usually cutting edge, less mainstream, include local artist, and may include some punk, dance, industrial or heavy metal music.
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Classic Rock
This is one of the more popular music formats throughout the United States. Most markets contain one classic rock station, but it is common to have two stations with this format. Classic rock stations' play lists include popular rock hits of the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s and possibly a few hits from today. A variety of this format is album-oriented rock or AOR. The difference between these two formats is that classic rock stations play released singles, where AOR stations will play music from popular artists, including those cuts that were not released as singles, known as album-cuts.

Such a genre features a mixture of adult alternative, blues, and progressive county music.

Heavy metal
This format is one with a much harsher, louder sound (listen at your own risk) than rock itself. Such music could be found on college or student run stations and several Internet only stations.

Additional formats
These additional formats are usually included within the play lists, or as programmed segments on college stations, or on stations with active rock or classic rock formats, or on several Internet only stations. This includes Zydeco/Cajun music, Bluegrass music and Blues music. Industrial and techno music are other styles of music that are included within alternative formats usually on college stations and Internet only stations.

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  Home >> Directory >> Radio Formats >> Rock and Alternative Formats
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