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News - talk - sports formats

News / Talk
Stations with news/talk programming feature a heavy concentration of news - local, regional and global news, as well as sports, weather and traffic. Along with the news, stations will feature talk programming, including the presentations of views and listener participation call-in segments and shows. It is also common that many news/talk stations also carry live local sports coverage in the evenings and during the weekend. A variety of this format is the full service format. Popular many years ago, the programming of these stations included a mix of news, talk and music in a conservative fashion. In larger US markets and markets located near the Mexico-US border, it is also common to have one or more news/talk station in Spanish. Most all news/talk stations can be found on the AM dial.

News / Information
Similar to the news/talk formats, this format has little listener participation and call-ins. Stations with this format are usually linked through satellite and originate from a regional or national level rather than consisting of local programming. An example of this format includes BBC's overseas broadcasting.

This format features programming related to the sporting world. Most stations with a sports format include sports news, sports talk shows and of course live coverage of both local and national sporting events. A large majority of sports formatted stations are found on the AM dial.

Stations with this format concentrate on a variety of talk programming. (News still can be heard at least at the top of the hour during the AM and PM drives.) Many of these stations will carry popular syndicated talk show hosts, such as Mancow, Limbaugh, and Stern throughout the day, as well of segments of local call-in periods. Varieties of this format include a hot talk format and a gay/lesbian issues talk format. Most stations are found on the AM dial, but it is common to also be on the FM dial in larger markets.

Also known as news-talk-financial, this format is the most popular offspring on the news/talk format. Stations with this format concentration their news, information and talk segments to the business world. Stations with this format are usually in larger markets and on the AM dial.

This is another offspring on the news/talk format. Stations with this format concentration their information to the agricultural world. During weekday business hours, you can receive updates on financial livestock and crop prices. During off-business hours and weekends, most stations will have some type of music format, usually country, adult contemporary, or oldies music. Stations with this format would be found in smaller markets and rural areas, and are usually on the AM dial.

This format is most popular in Europe, especially France, and other nations with less restrictive media guidelines. The aim of these stations is to provide you with news and information, promote the organizations beliefs, and to stir up intellectual conversation over the airwaves for the betterment of listeners.

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