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Here is what you will need to listen and to watch live content via your computer -
A FREE Windows Media Player or a FREE Realplayer.
Most Internet broadcasters use a version of these two technologies. If a different technology is used, information should be provided via that broadcaster's web site.
Also, you will need at least a 28.8 modem connection or faster.

How do I listen or watch?
In order for you to enjoy audio and video programming over the Internet, you will need to have special software called a "player" loaded on your computer. The player software does all the work of taking the audio and video and translating it into a format that you can hear and watch on your computer.

This technology is called streaming audio and video. There are two main streaming technologies to deliver programming to you. The RealPlayer is from RealNetworks and the Windows Media Player is from Microsoft.

If you are using Netscape or another browser, you will need to get the RealPlayer by RealNetworks and the NetShow player by Microsoft installed on your machine.

Don’t worry, both players are free. If you already have them, you are ready to listen to or view any content from a station that provides live content.

To listen via TvRadioWorld, look for the symbol located on pages listing stations with web sites. Click here to browse radio stations from our listings. When you see this symbol, click it and your computer will start to recieve this station LIVE.

If you are unable to receive audio or video content from a stations, there could a problem with your receiving computer, a network congestion problem from the Internet itself, or a technical problem with that broadcaster receiving the feed from the source and redistributing it on the Internet.

Click here for Support and Help for Windows Media Player.
Click here for Technical Support Frequently Asked Questions for RealPlayer.

Both sites provide ample support for installing and troubleshooting their own products. Remember, most problems will occur during setup and installation procedures. Please refer to the two help sites listed above. Most other errors will occur because of Internet traffic, so if this is the case, patience is important.

Home > How To Listen