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Indonesia: Bengkulu: Bengkulu City
FM Radio
90.1 Nara Radio Bengkulu BE
90.9 RRI Bengkulu Pro 3 Bengkulu BE
92.5 RRI Bengkulu Pro 1 Bengkulu BE
96 Radio Suara Bengkulu Bengkulu BE
96.8 Radio Sehat FM Bengkulu BE
97.2 Radio Setiawan Nada Nusa Bengkulu BE
97.6 Radio Elfas FM Bengkulu BE
99.2 Swaraunib FM Bengkulu BE college
101.1 Radio Shinta FM Bengkulu BE
101.9 Radio Lesitta FM Bengkulu BE
102.7 Trans FM Bengkulu BE
103.5 Radio Santana Bengkulu BE
104.3 Radio Jazirah FM Bengkulu BE
105.1 RRI Bengkulu Pro 2 Bengkulu BE
105.9 Radio Flamboyan FM Bengkulu BE
107.7 Radio Agroviice FM Bengkulu BE
AM Radio
747 RRI Bengkulu Pro 1 (also on FM) Bengkulu BE
1314 Radio Swara Shinta Wahana Bengkulu BE
Indonesia: Bengkulu: north and central regencies
FM Radio
93.3 Radio C FM Curup (Rejang Lebong) BE
98.8 Radio Namora FM Curup (Rejang Lebong) BE
100 Radio Base Camp FM Mukomuko BE
100 Radio Base Camp FM Mukomuko BE
100 Radio Diozz FM Curup (Rejang Lebong) BE
101.25 Radio Rapindo Utama Kepahiang BE
101.3 Radio Mitra FM Kepahiang BE
101.8 Radio Jihad FM Curup (Rejang Lebong) BE
102.1 RGBS-Radio Gita Buana Swara Ipuh (Mukomuko) BE
104.7 Radio SK FM Curup (Rejang Lebong) BE
106.7 Radio Four FM Curup (Rejang Lebong) BE
AM Radio
864 Radio Swara Transwahan Makmur Lais (North Bengkulu) BE
1188 Radio Namora Swara Pratama Curup (Rejang Lebong) BE
Indonesia: Bengkulu: south regencies
FM Radio
95.4 Radio Suka FM Kaur BE
99.3 Radio Delta FM Pasar Tais (Seluma) BE
102.9 RPKD Kaur Kaur BE
103.7 Radio Artha FM Manna (South Bengkulu) BE pop,news
AM Radio
1098 Radio Nusa Indah Manna (South Bengkulu) BE
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Home > Asia > Indonesia > Bengkulu, Indonesia Radio Stations