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Lazaro Cardenas MC
1560 5/1kW Add XELAC to MY RADIO   XELAC - Radio Azul (IMER) - Lazaro Cardenas MC regional Mexican
94.7 - Add XHDEN to MY RADIO   XHDEN - Radio Michoacan|r.XHREL-106.9 - Lazaro Cardenas MC
Morelia MC
850 1kW/0W Add XEZI to MY RADIO   XEZI - MaxiStar - Zacapu MC
870 1kW/100W Add XELY to MY RADIO   XELY - Radio Formula|rep - Morelia MC
930 500/250W Add XEZU to MY RADIO   XEZU - La Explosiva - Zacapu MC
960 1/1kW Add XEMM to MY RADIO   XEMM - Amor (ACIR) - Morelia MC ac/romantica,news,sports
990 1/1kW Add XEATM to MY RADIO   XEATM - A Toda Máquina - Morelia MC
1240 5kW/500W Add XERPA to MY RADIO   XERPA - Radio Ranchito - Morelia MC
1300 1/1kW Add XEKW to MY RADIO   XEKW - Bonita (ACIR) - Morelia MC rachera,news,sports
1340 1/1kW Add XECR to MY RADIO   XECR - La Zeta|on FM - Morelia MC
1370 1kW/500W Add XESV to MY RADIO   XESV - Radio Nicolaita - Morelia MC
1400 1/1kW Add XEI to MY RADIO   XEI - Radio 13|r.[R-Mexico C.] - Morelia MC news/talk/sports
1550 1/1kW Add XEREL to MY RADIO   XEREL - Radio Michoacan|on FM - Morelia MC
91.5 100kW Add XHMRL to MY RADIO   XHMRL - Max FM - Morelia MC pop
93.9 80.1kW Add XHMO to MY RADIO   XHMO - Digital FM (ACIR) - Morelia MC pop (esp/eng)
96.3 - Add XECR to MY RADIO   XECR - La Zeta - Morelia MC
96.9 - Add XHCAP to MY RADIO   XHCAP - Radio Michoacan|r.XHREL-106.9 - Zacapu MC
97.5 - Add XHHID to MY RADIO   XHHID - Radio Michoacan|r.XHREL-106.9 - Cd. Hidalgo MC
100.9 10kW Add XHI to MY RADIO LISTEN LIVE XHI - Máxima - Morelia MC pop
    Add    XHI-HD to MY RADIO LISTEN LIVE    XHI-HD - Máxima pop
104.9 - Add XHAND to MY RADIO   XHAND - Radio Michoacan|r.XHREL-106.9 - Puruandiro MC
106.3 - Add XHZIT to MY RADIO   XHZIT - Radio Michoacan|r.XHREL-106.9 - Zitacuaro MC
106.9 - Add XHREL to MY RADIO   XHREL - Radio Michoacan - Morelia MC
La Piedad/noroeoeste MC
650 5kW/0W Add XEZM to MY RADIO   XEZM - La Zamorana - Zamora MC
980 10/1kW Add XELC to MY RADIO   XELC - Dual Stereo|on FM - La Piedad MC
1230 1/1kW Add XELP to MY RADIO   XELP - Radio Pia - La Piedad MC
1260 1/1kW Add XEQL to MY RADIO   XEQL - Catedral de la Musica - Zamora MC
1490 1/1kW Add XEGT to MY RADIO   XEGT - Extasis - Zamora MC
88.7 - Add XHDAD to MY RADIO   XHDAD - Radio Michoacan|r.XHREL-106.9 - La Piedad MC
92.1 32kW Add XHZN to MY RADIO   XHZN - Energy FM - Zamora MC
92.7 - Add XELC to MY RADIO   XELC - Dual Stereo - La Piedad MC
95.9 - Add XHJIQ to MY RADIO   XHJIQ - Radio Michoacan|r.XHREL-106.9 - Sahuayo de Morelos MC
103.1 - Add XHZMA to MY RADIO   XHZMA - Radio Michoacan|r.XHREL-106.9 - Zamora MC
Uruapan/Apatzingan MC
750 1/1kW Add XEURM to MY RADIO LISTEN LIVE XEURM - Fiesta Mexicana - Uruapan MC
1050 1kW/500W Add XEURM to MY RADIO LISTEN LIVE XEURM - La Poderosa|on FM - Uruapan MC regional Mexican
1320 10kW/500W Add XENI to MY RADIO LISTEN LIVE XENI - Romántica 1320 - Uruapan MC ac/romántica
89.7 - Add XHIP to MY RADIO LISTEN LIVE XHIP - La Poderosa - Uruapan MC
95.9 - Add XHAMB to MY RADIO   XHAMB - Radio Michoacan|r.XHREL-106.9 - Tacambaro MC
97.5 - Add XHTZI to MY RADIO   XHTZI - Radio Michoacan|r.XHREL-106.9 - Apatzingan MC
99.7 - Add XHRUA to MY RADIO   XHRUA - Radio Michoacan|r.XHREL-106.9 - Tacambaro MC


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