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New Zealand: Nelson
FM Radio
87.8 Sunshine Radio (repeater) Nelson easy listening
88.1 0.3w Real FM Nelson
88.4 0.3w Mainland FM Nelson news/info (Mainland TV audio feed)
88.7 0.3w Life FM (repeater) Nelson (Neslon) Christian rock
89.6 The Hits Nelson (2ZN) [N] Nelson (Neslon) hot ac
90.4 Radio Hauraki (repeater) Motueka (Nelson) modern rock
91.4 3kW RNZ Concert (2NCP) (repeater) Nelson classical
93 3kW More FM Nelson (2FFF) [N] Nelson hot ac
94.6 The Rock (repeater) Nelson active rock
96 Magic Talk (repeater) Nelson talk
97 1kW ZM (repeater) Nelson CHR-pop
97.6 The Breeze Nelson [N] Nelson ac
98.4 The Sound (repeater) Nelson oldies
99.2 0.3w Magic Music (repeater) Nelson oldies
100.8 Coast (repeater) Nelson oldies (40s-80s)
101.6 RNZ National (2YX) (repeater) Nelson news/talk
104 Mix (repeater) Nelson ac
104.8 Fresh FM Nelson community
106.7 0.3w Life FM (repeater) Nelson (Neslon) Christian rock
107.3 0.3w Real FM (repeater) Nelson (Neslon)
107.5 0.3w Nelson Media Access Trust (repeater) Nelson (Neslon)
107.7 0.3w Mainland FM Channel 2 (repeater) Nelson (Neslon)
AM Radio
549 Radio Sport (repeater) Nelson sports talkback/commentary
801 1kW Radio Rhema (2XL) [N] Nelson contemporary Christian
990 1kW TAB Trackside (repeater) Nelson sports,racing info
1116 2kW RNZ National (2YX) (repeater) Nelson news/talk
1341 2kW Newstalk ZB (2ZN) [N] Nelson news,talkback
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Home > Oceania > New Zealand > Nelson Radio Stations