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Philippines: National Capital: Metro Manila
FM Radio
87.9 10w Radyo Katipunan Quezon City college,religious
88.3 62.5kW 88.3 Jam (DWCT) Antipolo (Rizal) smooth jazz
89.1 60kW Wave FM (DWAV) Pasig City CHR-rhythmic
89.9 25kW Magic 89.9 (DWTM) Manila pop
90.7 40kW Love Radio (DZMB) Pasig City
91.5 60kW KY91 (DWKY) Manila
92.3 96kW DZRU Makati
93.1 25kW Monster Radio RX93.1 (DWRX) Makati CHR-pop
93.9 35kW iFM (DWKC) Antipolo (Rizal) pop
94.7 73kW Mellow Touch (DWLL) Mandaluyng City pop,OPM
95.5 101kW Pinas FM 95.5 (DWDM) Antipolo (Rizal) OPM
96.3 42kW 96.3 Easy Rock (DWRK) Makati soft rock
97.1 100kW LS 97.1 (DWLS) Quezon City pop,ORM
97.9 30kW Home Radio Manila (DWQZ) Manila soft ac
98.7 20kW The Master's Touch (DZFE) Makati classical
99.5 30kW 99.5RT (DWRT) Manila pop
100.3 25kW RJFM (DZRJ) Makati classic hits,ac
101.1 75kW Yes FM (DWST) Pasig City
101.9 25kW MOR 101.9 (DWRR) Quezon City pop,ORM
   DWRR-HD1 pop,ORM
Hits (   DWRR-HD2) pop,ORM
Easy Listening Hits (   DWRR-HD3) soft ac
102.7 25kW 102.7 Start FM (DWSM) Pasig City pop,ORM,news
103.5 40kW K-Lite (DWKX) Manila ac
104.3 25kW FM2 (DWFT) Quezon City classic hits
105.1 92.5kW Crossover (DWBM) Antipolo (Rizal) smooth jazz
105.9 110kW Z106 (DWLA) Pasig City CHR-pop
106.7 75kW 106.7 Energy FM (DWET) Pasig City pop,MOR,OPM
107.5 50kW Wish 107.5 (DWNU) Quezon City adult hits
AM Radio
531 10kW Bible Radio (DZBR) Manila religious
558 40kW RMN Manila (DZXL) Manila news
594 50kW Super Radyo (DZBB) Quezon City news,talk,entertainment
630 100kW Radyo Patrol 630 (DZMM) Quezon City news/talk
666 50kW DZRH Nationwide (DZRH) Pasay City news/talk
702 50kW FEBC (DZAS) Manila religious-Christian
738 50kW RP1-Radyo Pilipinas 1 (DZRB) Manila
774 25kW DWWW San Juan news,public affairs,variety
810 50kW The Voice of the Philippines (DZRJ) Makati news/talk
846 50kW Veritas 846 (DZRV) Quezon City religious
882 50kW DWIZ Pasig City news,talk,information
912 50kW PR2-Radyo Pilipinas 2 (DZSR) Quezon City sports
954 40kW INC Radio (DZEM) Quezon City religious
990 50kW Radyo Inquirer (DZIQ) Makati City news/talk
1026 50kW Sonshine Radio (DZAR) Manila news,info,entertainment
1062 40kW Radyo Agila (DZEC) Manila news,talk,info,music,religious
1098 DWAD Manila news,music
1134 10kW Ka-Tropa Radio (DWDD) Quezon City news,public affairs
1242 20kW DWBL Mandaluyong news,music
1314 50kW DWXI Makati City religious
1350 50kW Radyo La Verdad (DWUN) Makati City news,info
1458 10kW DZJV Calamba City (Laguna)
1494 10kW DWSS Mandaluyong (Laguna) entertainment
1530 25kW Kinse Trenta (DZME) Pasig City news,public affairs
1602 5kW DZUP Quezon City college
1674 1kW Radyo Marikina (DZBF) Marikina City TIS (city info)
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