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What is 'My Radio'? | How to use 'My Radio'

CONFIRM addition of station - BBC World Service - Tarawa, .
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Currently, you do not have any stations on your radio.
To add a station, look for the "ADD" button.
That will lead you back to this section.

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What is 'My Radio'?
'My Radio' is a way to personalize and bookmark your favorite stations. As you may have noticed, radio stations are organized by location, but your favorite stations may be located across state, across country or even across the ocean. Now you have a way to gather and organize your favorite stations onto one single page. All you need to do is add a few stations, bookmark this page and whenever you have the desire check out your favorite station's web site, or to listen to your favorite stations live, simply pull this page up. You can add new stations any time and delete listed stations at any time. How does this work? Continue reading below for a full explanation and directions.
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How to use 'My Radio'?
To use 'My Radio' your browser MUST be set to accept cookies. If it is not, you will NOT be able to use this feature. My Radio works by saving a cookie onto your computer. For those of you who do not understand what cookies are, a simple definition would be that cookies are pieces of information stored on your own computer. Many web sites utilize this standard. RadioStationWorld's 'My Radio' feature utilizes this. Please remember, information is stored on YOUR computer. This means you will not be able to access your list from another computer. If you are unsure about cookies, please read the help files of your browser (Explore, Netscape, etc.)

To add a new station:
  1. Simply look for the (add) symbol. These appear within the listings of radio and television stations with web sites.
  2. Click on the (add) symbol.
  3. Next, you will be asked to confirm the addition of the station to your personalized listings.
  4. Click YES to confirm and you are done. This station is now then added.
To delete a station:
  1. Click on the (trash) icon the link at the end of each station listing.
  2. You will be asked to confirm your action. Click "YES' to confirm and that station will be removed from your personalized listings.
    Note: You can always re-add the same station at a future time.
To listen live:
  1. Click on the (speaker) icon the link.
  2. You will now navigate to a second page for further instructions to listen live.
  3. Click on the listen live link on this page.
To visit the station's home page:
  1. Click on the (home) icon the link.
  2. You will now navigate to the station's home page.

Note: You are allowed to add up to 20 stations to your listings.

For further questions on this service, please contact us.
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  Home >> My Personal Radio >> Radio Functions
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