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New Zealand: Canterbury: Ashburton
FM Radio
92.5 500w Classic Hits ZEFM (3ZE) [N] Ashburton (Canterbury) classic hits (70s-90s)
94.9 1kW Fox FM Ashburton (Canterbury)
95.7 The Sound [N] Ashburton (Canterbury) oldies
98.9 300w Fox FM (repeater) Ashburton (Canterbury)
AM Radio
873 1kW Newstalk ZB Christchurch (3ZE) (repeater) Ashburton (Canterbury) news,talkback
1071 LiveSport/Radio Trackside (repeater) Ashburton (Canterbury) sports,racing info
New Zealand: Canterbury: Christchurch
FM Radio
87.6 1w Life FM [N] Christchurch (Canterbury) Christian rock
87.8 1w Lift FM Spreydon (Canterbury) rock
87.8 1w Power Hit Radio St. Albans, Christchurch (Canterbury) pop
88 1w Flava (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) urban
88 1w Rollywood FM Rolleston (Canterbury) community
88.1 1w Harmony FM Christchurch (Canterbury) contemporary Christian
88.9 1w Mai FM (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) urban, Maori music
89.3 16w Radio Hauraki (repeater) Sumner (Canterbury) modern rock
89.7 80kW RNZ Concert (3CCP) (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) classical
90.1 320w Akaroa FM Akaroa (Canterbury) ac/oldies
90.5 16kW Tahu FM Christchurch (Canterbury) Maori/urban
90.9 16w ZM Christchurch (3ZM) (repeater) Sumner (Canterbury) CHR-pop
91.1 320w Akaroa FM (repeater) Akaroa (Canterbury) ac/oldies
91.3 80kW ZM Christchurch (3ZZM) [N] Christchurch (Canterbury) CHR-pop
91.7 80kW Mix (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) ac
92.1 80kW More FM Christchurch [N] Christchurch (Canterbury) hot ac
92.5 8kW Classic Hits 97.7 (repeater) Winchmore (Canterbury) classic hits (70s-90s)
92.9 50kW The Sound (3FMX) (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) oldies
93.7 80kW The Rock (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) active rock
94.5 32kW The Breeze Christchurch [N] Christchurch (Canterbury) soft ac
94.9 800w More FM Christchurch (repeater) Sumner/Redcliffs (Canterbury) hot ac
95.3 1.3kW RNZ Concert [N] Akaroa (Canterbury) classical
95.3 8kW The Edge (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) CHR-pop
96.1 16kW The Attic (New Zealand Broadcasting School) Christchurch (Canterbury) college
96.5 320w Classic Hits 97.7 (repeater) Sumner (Canterbury) classic hits (70s-90s)
96.9 5kW Plains FM (3CCT) Christchurch (Canterbury) community
97.7 80kW Classic Hits 97.7 (3ZB) [N] Christchurch (Canterbury) classic hits (70s-90s)
98.5 10w RDU (3RDU) -- SRN Christchurch (Canterbury)
99.1 More FM Christchurch (repeater) Mount Pearce (Canterbury) hot ac
99.3 32kW Radio Live (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) talk
99.7 320w RNZ Concert [N] Sumner (Canterbury) classical
100.1 1.6kW Newstalk ZB Christchurch (3GM) [N] Christchurch (Canterbury) news,talkback
100.9 5kW Voice of South Pole Christchurch (Canterbury) Chinese,talk,variety
101.7 16kW RNZ National (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) news/talk
102.5 40kW Kiwi FM [N] Christchurch (Canterbury) alternative,local
104.1 16kW Niu FM (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) urban ac/Pacific Islander
104.9 2kW Compass FM Rangiora (Canterbury) community
105.7 16kW Pulzar FM Christchurch (Canterbury) dance
106.5 16kW Radio Hauraki (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) modern rock
106.9 0.5w George FM [N] Christchurch (Canterbury)
107 0.5w Pegasus FM (repeater) Addington, Christchurch (Canterbury) oldies (50s/60s)
107.2 0.5w Raceway FM Rolleston (Canterbury) community
107.3 0.5w Bay Radio Akaroa Akaroa (Canterbury)
107.5 Good Music 107.5FM Christchurch (Canterbury) classic rock
107.7 0.5w Just FM Kaiapoi (Canterbury) community
AM Radio
540 The Word (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) religious
612 2kW Radio Rhema (3XG) (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) contemporary Christian
675 20kW RNZ National (3YA) (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) news/talk
738 Radio Live (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) talk
963 AM Network - Parliament (RNZ) (3YC) (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) talk-Parliament coverage
963 10kW Southern Star (3YC) (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) inspirational
1017 Newstalk ZB Christchurch (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) news,talkback
1098 10kW Newstalk ZB Christchurch (3ZB) (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) news,talkback
1260 2kW LiveSport/Radio Trackside (3XA) (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) sports,racing info
1413 1kW Radio Ferrymead (3XP) Christchurch (Canterbury) talk,oldies
1503 Radio Sport (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) sports talkback/commentary
1593 Coast (repeater) Christchurch (Canterbury) oldies (40s-80s)
New Zealand: Canterbury: Mackenzie Country
FM Radio
89 RNZ National (repeater) Lake Tekapo (Canterbury) news/talk
91.2 98 Port FM (repeater) Omarama (Canterbury) hot ac
92.7 98 Port FM (repeater) Otematata (Canterbury) hot ac
92.9 RNZ National (repeater) Twizel (Canterbury) news/talk
93.7 98 Port FM (repeater) Twizel (Canterbury) hot ac
95 98 Port FM (repeater) Fairlie (Canterbury) hot ac
96.3 ZM South Canterbury (3ZM) [N] Otematata (Canterbury) CHR-pop
97.3 RNZ National (repeater) Omarama (Canterbury) news/talk
106.7 RNZ National (repeater) Otematata (Canterbury) news/talk
New Zealand: Canterbury: Timaru
FM Radio
88.2 0.3w 88 Hospital FM Timaru (Canterbury) variety/r.Solid Gold FM
88.5 0.3w Totally Kiwi 88.5FM Timaru (Canterbury) Kiwi music
91.5 The Rock (repeater) Timaru (Canterbury) active rock
93.2 98 Port FM (repeater) Timaru (Canterbury) hot ac
93.2 300w 98 Port FM (repeater) Waimate (Canterbury) hot ac
95.5 98 Port FM (repeater) Timaru (Canterbury) hot ac
96.3 Classic Hits 99FM [N] Timaru (central) (Canterbury) classic hits (70s-90s)
97.1 The Sound [N] Timaru (Canterbury) oldies
97.9 98 Port FM Timaru (Canterbury) hot ac
98.7 1kW Classic Hits 99FM (3ZC) [N] Timaru (Canterbury) classic hits (70s-90s)
99.5 10kW RNZ Concert [N] Timaru (Canterbury) classical
100.7 0.3w Four Peaks FM Geraldine (Canterbury)
101.1 RNZ National (3YT) (repeater) Timaru (Canterbury) news/talk
107.1 0.3w 88 Hospital FM (repeater) Geraldine (Canterbury) variety/r.Solid Gold FM
AM Radio
594 2kW Radio Rhema (3XL) [N] Timaru (Canterbury) contemporary Christian
918 2kW RNZ National (3YT) (repeater) Timaru (Canterbury) news/talk
981 Southern Star [N] Timaru (Canterbury) inspirational
1152 2kW Newstalk ZB Christchurch (3ZC) [N] Timaru (Canterbury) news,talkback
1242 LiveSport/Radio Trackside (repeater) Timaru (Canterbury) sports,racing info
1494 Radio Sport (repeater) Timaru (Canterbury) sports talkback/commentary
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