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New Zealand: Southland: Invercargill
FM Radio
88 The Word (repeater) Te Anau (Southland) religious
88.1 0.3w ? Invercargill (Southland) Youth Radio Network
88.1 0.3w CCM 88 Invercargill (Southland) contemporary Christian/rock
88.3 1w Fm Te Anau Te Anau (Southland) active rock
88.4 0.3w Country Radio 88.4 FM -- CRN Invercargill (Southland) country
88.4 0.3w Southern Star [N] Te Anau (Southland) inspirational
88.5 0.3w Radio Rhema [N] Clinton (Southland) contemporary Christian
88.7 0.3w Country Radio 88.7 FM (repeater) Gore (Southland) country
89.2 More FM Southland (4XF) [N] Invercargill (Southland) Hot AC
90 200w RNZ Concert (4SCP) (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) classical
90.4 The Hits Southland (repeater) Te Anau (Southland) hot ac
90.8 The Rock (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) active rock
91.6 The Breeze Southland [N] Invercargill (Southland) ac
92 RNZ National (repeater) Te Anau (Southland) news/talk
92.4 1kW Coast (repeater) Gore (Southland) oldies (40s-80s)
92.6 800w Life FM (repeater) Gore (Southland) Christian rock
93.2 Radio Hauraki (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) modern rock
94 Magic Talk (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) talk
94.3 Radio Rhema [N] Te Anau (Southland) contemporary Christian
94.8 3kW Hokonui Gore (Southland)
95.6 ZM (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) CHR-pop
96.2 200w Q92FM Southland (repeater) Invercargill (Southland)
96.4 Radio Southland - 96.4 FM Invercargill (Southland) community
96.4 Radio Southland - 96.4 FM (repeater) Oban, Stewart Island (Southland) community
97.2 The Edge (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) pop
98 The Sound (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) oldies
98.8 5kW The Hits Southland (4ZA) [N] Invercargill (Southland) hot ac
99.6 Tahu FM (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) Maori,urban
101.2 RNZ National (1YT) (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) news/talk
103.6 Niu FM (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) urban ac/Pacific Islander
105.2 0.3w Country Radio 88.7 FM (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) country
106 Magic Music (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) oldies
107 0.3w Life FM (repeater) Te Anau (Southland) Christian rock
AM Radio
558 Radio Sport (4ZG) (repeater) Gore (Southland) sports talkback/commentary
720 20kW RNZ National (4YZ) (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) news/talk
864 10kW Newstalk ZB (4ZA) (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) news,talkback
1026 The Word (repeater) Invercargill religious
1026 1kW Southern Star (4XSR) [N] Invercargill (Southland) inspirational
1170 Radio Southland - 96.4 FM (also on FM) Invercargill (Southland) community
1224 5kW TAB Trackside (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) sports,racing info
1404 2kW Radio Rhema (2XL) [N] Invercargill (Southland) contemporary Christian
1422 100w Voice Of The Mountains (4XK) Kingston (Southland)
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