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New Zealand: Southland: Invercargill
FM Radio
88 The Word (repeater) Te Anau (Southland) religious
88.1 0.3w ? Invercargill (Southland) Youth Radio Network
88.1 0.3w CCM 88 Invercargill (Southland) contemporary Christian/rock
88.3 1w Fm Te Anau Te Anau (Southland) NZ active rock
88.4 0.3w Country Radio 88.4 FM -- CRN Invercargill (Southland) country
88.4 0.3w Southern Star [N] Te Anau (Southland) NZ inspirational
88.5 0.3w Radio Rhema [N] Clinton (Southland) NZ contemporary Christian
88.7 0.3w Country Radio 88.7 FM (repeater) Gore (Southland) country
89.2 More FM Southland (4XF) [N] Invercargill (Southland) Hot AC
90 200w RNZ Concert (4SCP) [N] Invercargill (Southland) classical
90.8 The Rock (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) active rock
91.6 The Breeze Southland [N] Invercargill (Southland) soft ac
92 RNZ National (repeater) Te Anau (Southland) NZ news/talk
92.4 1kW Coast (repeater) Gore (Southland) NZ
92.6 800w Life FM [N] Gore (Southland) NZ Christian rock
93.2 Radio Hauraki (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) modern rock
94 Radio Live (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) talk
94.3 Radio Rhema [N] Te Anau (Southland) NZ contemporary Christian
94.8 3kW Hokonui Gold Gore (Southland) NZ news, sports, music(overnt)
95.6 ZM Southland [N] Invercargill (Southland) CHR-pop
96.2 200w Q92FM Southland (repeater) Invercargill (Southland)
96.4 Radio Southland - 96.4 FM (repeater) Oban, Stewart Island (Southland) NZ community
96.4 Radio Southland - 96.4 FM Invercargill (Southland) community
97.2 The Edge (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) CHR-pop
98 The Sound [N] Invercargill (Southland) oldies
98.8 5kW Classic Hits ZAFM (4ZA) [N] Invercargill (Southland) classic hits (70s-90s)
99.6 Tahu FM (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) Maori/urban
101.2 RNZ National (1YT) (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) news/talk
103.6 Niu FM (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) urban ac/Pacific Islander
105.2 0.3w Country Radio 88.7 FM (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) country
107 0.3w Life FM [N] Te Anau (Southland) NZ Christian rock
AM Radio
558 Radio Sport (4ZG) (repeater) Gore (Southland) NZ sports talkback/commentary
612 400w Classic Hits ZAFM (4ZF) [N] Te Anau (Southland) classic hits (70s-90s)
720 20kW RNZ National (4YZ) (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) news/talk
864 10kW Newstalk ZB Christchurch (4ZA) (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) news,talkback
1026 The Word (repeater) Invercargill religious
1026 1kW Southern Star (4XSR) [N] Invercargill (Southland) inspirational
1170 Radio Southland - 96.4 FM (also on FM) Invercargill (Southland) community
1224 5kW LiveSport/Radio Trackside (repeater) Invercargill (Southland) sports,racing info
1404 2kW Radio Rhema (2XL) [N] Invercargill (Southland) contemporary Christian
1422 100w Voice Of The Mountains (4XK) Kingston (Southland) NZ
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