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USA: Vermont: Burlington VT / Plattsburgh NY
FM Radio
88.1 1kW WXLU -- North Country Public R. -- NPR WSLU-89.5 Peru (Clinton) NY public
88.7 3.4kW WKYJ -- K-Love Rouses Point (Clinton) NY contemporary Christian
88.7 100w WVTX -- VPR Classical WNCH-88.1 Colchester (Chittenden) VT public/classical
89.1 100w W206AQ -- Air1 Plattsburgh (Clinton) NY worship music (CWM)
89.1 3.1kW WOXM -- VPR Classical WNCH-88.1 Middlebury (Addison) VT public/classical
89.1 100w WYTC-LP -- The Limit Hyde Park (Lamoille) VT student
89.3 13w W207AX -- Family R. Burlington (Chittenden) VT religious
89.3 100w WMUD-LP -- Farm Fresh Moriah (Essex) NY community
89.7 4.4kW WKVJ -- K-Love Plattsburgh (Clinton) NY contemporary Christian
89.9 225w WGLG -- The Light WGLV-91.7 Swanton (Franklin) VT religious
90.1 460w WRUV Burlington (Chittenden) VT college/alternative
90.1 1.2kW WVXM -- VPR Classical -- NPR WNCH-88.1 Middlebury (Addison) VT public/classical
90.5 160w WXLQ -- North Country Public R. -- NPR WSLU-89.5 Vergennes (Addison) VT public
90.7 155w WJSC Johnson (Lamoille) VT college
90.9 2.7kW WOXR -- VPR Classical -- NPR WNCH-88.1 Plattsburgh (Clinton) NY public/classical
91.1 100w WRMC Middlebury (Addison) VT college/alternative
91.5 1kW WGLY -- The Light WGLV-91.7 Bolton (Chittenden) VT religious
   WGLY-HD1 -- The Light WGLV-91.7 religious
   WGLY-HD2 WFTF-90.5
91.9 380w WCEL -- Northeast Public R. -- NPR WAMC-90.3 Plattsburgh (Clinton) NY public/news/talk
92.1 18kW WVTK Port Henry (Essex) NY ac
92.5 100w WWPV-LP Colchester (Chittenden) VT community,college
92.9 46kW WEZF -- Star 92.9 Burlington (Chittenden) VT hot ac
93.3 50w W227AQ -- Point FM WNCS-104.7 Burlington (Chittenden) VT adult alternative
93.7 21kW WIFY -- Point FM WNCS-104.7 Addison VT adult alternative
93.9 5.4kW WLVB -- Vermont Country 93.9 Morrisville (Lamoille) VT country
93.9 9w WQKE -- The Quake Plattsburgh (Clinton) NY student
94.9 250w W235BE WFTF-90.5 Burlington (Chittenden) VT
95.5 25kW WXXX -- 95 Triple X South Burlington (Chittenden) VT CHR-pop
96.3 25w W242BK -- 96.7 MeTV FM WXZO-96.7 Colchester (Chittenden) NY ac-oldies
96.7 1kW WXZO -- 96.7 MeTV FM Willsboro (Essex) NY ac-oldies
97.5 8.7kW WTNN -- Eagle Country Bristol (Addison) VT country
97.9 2.5kW WXMS -- The Moose Au Sable (Clinton) NY classic country
98.3 220w W252CJ WCAT-1390 Burlington (Chittenden) VT news/talk-business
98.9 100kW WOKO -- The Big Station Burlington (Chittenden) VT country
99.3 100w WBTV-LP Burlington (Chittenden) VT community
99.5 38w W258AW -- VPR Classical -- NPR WNCH-88.1 Middlebury (Addison) VT public/classical
99.9 100kW WBTZ -- The Buzz Plattsburgh (Clinton) NY modern rock
100.7 2.3kW WIRY -- Hometown Radio WIRY-1340(part) Plattsburgh West (Clinton) NY classic hits
101.3 1kW WCPV -- The Game -- Fox Essex NY sports
102.3 20kW WIXM -- Mix 102.3 Grand Isle VT hot ac
102.5 95w W273BH -- Farm Fresh WMUD-LP Middlebury (Addison) VT community
102.9 6kW WCLX -- Farm Fresh Radio Westport (Essex) NY adult alternative
103.3 2.85kW WWMP -- MP 103.3 Waterbury (Washington) VT adult hits
103.7 220w W242BS -- Mid Century Radio WPLB-1070 Plattsburgh (Clinton) NY oldies
103.9 1.55kW WANC -- Northeast Public R. -- NPR WAMC-90.3 Ticonderoga (Essex) NY public/news/talk
104.3 25kW WJKS -- Kiss FM Keeseville (Essex) VT classic hip hop
105.1 23.5kW WKOL -- Kool 105 Plattsburgh (Clinton) NY classic hits
105.5 100w WRXJ-LP -- Our Lady of Perpetual Help Radio Burlington (Chittenden) VT religious
105.9 73w W290AT WNBZ-106.3 Plattsburgh (Clinton) NY classic hits
105.9 100w WOMM-LP -- 105.9 The Radiator Burlington (Chittenden) VT community
106.7 50kW WIZN -- The Wizard Vergennes (Addison) VT classic rock
107.1 1kW WPLA -- Plattsburgh Rocks Dannemora (Clinton) NY active rock
107.9 49kW WVPS -- VPR-Vermont Public R. -- NPR Burlington (Chittenden) VT public/news/info
   WVPS-HD1 -- VPR-Vermont Public R. -- NPR public/news/info
   WVPS-HD2 -- VPR Classical -- NPR WNCH-88.1 public/classical
   WVPS-HD3 -- BBC World Service news/info
AM Radio
620 5kW WVMT -- News Talk 620 Burlington (Chittenden) VT news/talk
670 50kW WVVT Essex Junction (Chittenden) VT new
760 25kW WCHP Champlain (Clinton) NY religious
960 5kW WEAV -- Zone 960 Plattsburgh (Clinton) NY sports
1070 5kW WPLB -- Mid Century Radio Plattsburgh (Clinton) NY oldies
1230 1kW WJOY Burlington (Chittenden) VT standards
1340 1kW WIRY -- Hometown Radio Plattsburgh (Clinton) NY classic hits
1390 5kW WCAT Burlington (Chittenden) VT news/talk-business
1420 1kW WRSA Saint Albans (Franklin) VT silent (11/2015)
1490 1kW WFAD -- Mix 102.3 WIXM-102.3 Middlebury (Addison) VT hot ac
USA: Vermont: Saranac Lake / Lake Placid NY
FM Radio
88.3 110w WXLS -- North Country Public R. -- NPR WSLU-89.5 Tupper Lake (Franklin) NY public
90.5 200w WSLL -- North Country Public R. -- NPR WSLU-89.5 Saranac Lake (Franklin) NY public
91.7 100w WXLL -- North Country Public R. -- NPR WSLU-89.5 Lake Placid (Essex) NY public
93.1 80w WXLH -- North Country Public R. -- NPR WSLU-89.5 Blue Mountain Lake (Hamilton) NY public
93.3 8.5kW WSLP -- The Choice Saranac Lake (Franklin) NY ac
95.3 250w W237EY -- Adirondack 105 WLPW-105.5 Saranac Lake (Franklin) NY classic rock
97.9 8w W250AD -- Mars Hill Network WMHR-102.9 Long Lake (Essex) NY religious
102.1 140w WRGR Tupper Lake (Franklin) NY stunting (6/2017)
105.5 3kW WLPW -- Adirondack 105 Lake Placid (Essex) NY classic rock
105.9 590w WXLE -- North Country Public R. WSLU-89.5 Indian Lake (Hamilton) NY public
106.3 5.1kW WNBZ Saranac (Clinton) NY classic hits
AM Radio
1240 1kW WVSL -- Adirondack 105 WLPW-105.5 Saranac Lake (Franklin) NY classic rock
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