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The following is for suggesting sites or information to RadioStationWorld.
  • If you are a broadcasting station, such as an AM station, FM station, shortwave broadcaster, DAB or television station, please use the broadcasting station form.
  • If you are a broadcast network, organization, trade magazine or another related item from one of our directory listings, please use the general submission form.

Please verify the following before you proceed:
  • All US, Canadian and Mexican radio stations are listed.
  • In general, most other locations require a web site in order to be listed.
  • Address and contact information is listed only for US, Canadian and Mexican television stations.
  • Your web site must be broadcasting related. Sorry, we do not actively list companies related to production and distribution or those related to the film industry.

Our submission FAQ...

Q: How is RadioStationWorld organized?
A: Most of RadioStationWorld's listings are geographical by nature.
Although radio and television signals are not bound by political boundaries, a very large majority of broadcasting is targeted to a specific area. This is how we attempt to organize our listings.

Q: How long does it take to get listed into RadioStationWorld?
A: In most cases, it is usually within one week.
Please note, if you are an Internet-only radio station, we are not currently accepting, reviewing or adding this type of broadcaster at this time.

Q: My organization deals with production or other related technical aspects?
A: We are sorry to inform you, but we do not list such sites here on RadioStationWorld.
Our site deals directly with the broadcasters. Many have requested a listing with the production or technical side of broadcasting. We would love to list all of this, but we do not as it is not part of our scope.

Q: What if my station or organization does not have a web site?
A: For many of our listings, we are also an informational directory as well as a directory that lists web sites. If you have a brief description of what your organization does, most likely we will list that.

Q: What if I am broadcasting network but I have local frequencies located throughout a region? What should I do?
A: The best choice would be to fill out our broadcast submission form and inform us that you have multiple frequencies for your network. You can inform us by pointing us to a page on your site that contains a frequency list. If this is not possible, you can simply email us the list.

  Home >> Suggest A Site
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