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As much as we try, the information we give you in not always accurate. It is good policy to confirm the information before acting upon it. The programming style is copyright material of RadioStationWorld.Com. Any logo used are copyright material of the respective broadcaster and/or their parent company. Most logos cannot be reused without permission of the owners of that logo.

The information content is from a variety of sources. Material used on the web site comes from a variety of sources. Some material has been provided by the particular broadcasting companies and cannot be reused without permission of either RadioStationWorld or the particular broadcasting company. Some material has been gathered from a variety of contacts throughout the world. Much other material has been gathered from the internet itself. To inquire about any of the material, either the source or for reuse for whatever reason, please email me, Thomas C Hokenson, the webmaster and site administrator of RadioStationWorld.Com.

Material presented on sites that are linked from RadioStationWorld are neither maintained nor part of RadioStationWorld. Any errors or problems that occur from those sites are out of the hands of RadioStationWorld to handle. Problems should be directed towards those who maintain those sites.
Home > Copyright / Legal Info