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Papua New Guinea: East New Britian Province
FM Radio
91.3 500w Catholic Radio Network (repeater) Rabaul/Malmaluan (East New Britain)
93.9 300w Yumi FM (repeater) Rabaul (East New Britain)
96.5 300w Nau FM (repeater) Rabaul (East New Britain)
98.3 1kW Radio East New Britain (NBC-Kundu) Rabaul/Kokopo (East New Britain)
100.5 FM100 (repeater) Rabaul (East New Britian) news,info
100.8 300w Radio East New Britain (NBC-Kundu) (repeater) Rabaul (East New Britain)
103.6 1kW Radio East New Britain (NBC-Kundu) (repeater) Rabaul? (East New Britain)
AM Radio
810 2kW Karai Radio (NBC National) (repeater) Rabual (East New Britain)
3385 10kW Radio East New Britain (NBC-Kundu) (also on FM) Rabaul (East New Britain)
5985 10kW Karai Radio (NBC National) (repeater) Rabaul (East New Britain)
Papua New Guinea: New Ireland Province
FM Radio
95 10w Yumi FM (repeater) Lihir Island (New Ireland)
98 10w Nau FM (repeater) Lihir Island (New Ireland)
100.2 FM100 (repeater) Kavieng (New Ireland) news,info
3905 10kW Radio New Ireland (NBC-Kundu) Kavieng (New Ireland)
Papua New Guinea: Bougainville (Autonomous Region)
FM Radio
100.1 FM100 (repeater) Panguna (Bougainville) news,info
100.4 FM100 (repeater) Kieta (Bougainville) news,info
100.8 FM100 (repeater) Buka (Bougainville) news,info
3325 10kW Radio North Solomons (NBC-Kundu) Buka (Bougainville)
6020 Karai Radio (NBC National) (repeater) Buka (Bougainville)
Papua New Guinea: West New Britain Province
FM Radio
96.9 300w Nau FM (repeater) Kimbe (West New Britain)
100.3 FM100 (repeater) Kimbe (West New Britain) news,info
3235 10kW Radio West New Britain (NBC-Kundu) (repeater) Kimbe (West New Britain)
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