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Hello web surfers and site visitors!

First, I’d like to thank those many of you that have utilized our website, I started the original website in 1996 (when the Internet was still an infant!), dating back to our days. This website is now in year twenty-one of existance.

Second, I need to to thank those many of you that have donated their time in submitting information, contacting me with emails, sometimes weekly, sometimes with smoke signals (I joke!), with information and updates on an ever changing radio world. There are quite a few I can thank, and in case I do not say it enough, thanks!!! Without your help, it would be that much more challenging, if not impossible to maintain

However, with that said, as many of you have noticed, all radio listing from Europe, Africa and most of Asia listing have been removed from our site. Why you ask? The simple answer is that trying to maintaining the entire world of radio station listings is a ton of work, and requires an amount of time that is physically not available. And over a prolonged period of time, information is out of date, information is inaccurate, information is missing and information is less quality than it should be. I have received many emails with this as a topic. If it becomes a disservice, and it is a concern that information is not helpful. So with a heavy heart, I made a decision to scale back in scope to something more reasonable and maintainable.

Part of that decision is to also include time to modernize the website, which has not been done in many years, and is long overdue, and something that also takes an investment of time. Part of the website has been updated as part of phase one. There is still more to go, and a phase two to follow, and we are trying to make that a priority as well.

Feel free to contact me with additional questions, complaints and / or comments.

Again, thanks for visiting

Thomas C. Hokenson
Home > Downsized